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1. By submitting a request for a referral or application, you understand and agree that Quick Life's process of quote, following up on and fulfillment of referrals and/or applications you submit (?The Service"), assumes the accuracy and completeness of the information you supply. In addition, initial quoting is only an estimate of the premium your client might pay for term life insurance and that the actual price of any policy offered to your client at the conclusion of the application and underwriting process may be higher or lower than the price quoted by The Service.

You understand that Quick Life does not guarantee that your client will be offered a policy at the conclusion of the application process.

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About The Service

As part of The Service, Quick Life operates a term life price comparison service. Using the information you provide, The Service compares the rates from several U.S. life insurance companies who offer some of the most competitive rates. The Service produces an individualized pricing summary based on the criteria you enter.

The actual price of any policy your client may be offered at the conclusion of the application and underwriting process may be higher or lower than the price quoted by The Service. This variance may be due to additional information that the insurer discovers in the course of underwriting the application, a change in age, or a change in the insurer's rates. Although we believe that the quotes provided by The Service are accurate, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of every quote due to the possibility of human or computer error.

Quick Life does not guarantee that your will be offered a life insurance policy at the conclusion of your application process. Quick Life is not an insurance company but rather acts as a fulfillment service. Pat Wedeking, Quick Life's President is the agent of record for all applications submitted through the Quick Life service.


Quick Life and/or its Chief Executive Officer Pat Wedeking act as and are licensed life insurance agents. Insurance services provided by Patrick N. Wedeking, licensed life insurance agent in 40+ states listed below in association with selected agents licensed in your resident state. The following agent license numbers are provided for Patrick N. Wedeking as required by state law:

CA agent #OC93132, LA agent #269155, MN agent #IN-20258167, UT agent #208112, MA agent #1763026. Commercial use by others is prohibited by law.

Alabama AI75109
Arizona 226144
Arkansas 119709
California OC93132
California 0D28800
Colorado NPI00120444
Colorado NPA00121358
Connecticut 52[private]151
Delaware 1002337
Florida 52[private]151
Georgia AGN574477
Illinois 52[private]151
Illinois 91-2022217 (IO)
Indiana 402492
Iowa IA0000000233056
Iowa 91-2022217
Kansas 52[private]151-999
Kentucky DOI#524889
Louisiana 269155
Louisiana 273645
Maine 1655075
Maryland NPI139210
Massachusetts 1763026
Michigan 224221
Minnesota IN-20258167
Mississippi 402964
Missouri 52[private]151
Nebraska 52[private]151
Nevada 52[private]151
New Jersey ip-0103087
New Mexico 643668
New York 80485
North Carolina LA-956738
Ohio 577624
Oklahoma 995615
Oregon 129440
Oregon 812363 (IO)
Pennsylvania 207617
Rhode Island 52[private]151
South Carolina 52[private]151
South Dakota 5463377
Tennessee 814854
Texas 1084901
Utah 208112
Virginia 52[private]151
Washington 174233
Washington DC 1019209
Wisconsin 2392631


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